Color Changing Multiple Texts on Screen/Map |BombSquad Server Mod|

In case you have your own BombSquad Server(Check Here if you want to create your own server) and you want to promote your:-
WhatsApp Group/Discord Server
•YouTube Channel
•About New Updates/Modifications of your server
And more other stuffs,
You can use this mod to do so.

This mod will allow you to add 6 Texts Which will be shown one by one in between game(not on Score screen) and will repeat in cycle.
You need to put the mod in script folder of your server files and edit texts inside file as per your need.

First Type
(GIF is fast forwarded) - Download Here

Second Type
Color Changing Text(Will may seek more attention and look different than usual)
(Gif is fast forwarded) - Download Here

You can comment in case you're having any trouble doing this.
Check this Video for Help!

Having trouble in downloading file? - Watch This!

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You can also Comment about what kind of mod you need.

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