FIXED "FATAL ERROR: unable to bind to requested udp port 43210 (ipv4) BombSquad exited with code 255" BombSquad Server!

In case you're NEWBIE in handling BombSquad Servers, you might once end up seeing some errors which you would like to resolve and one of them is "FATAL ERROR".

In this case FATAL ERROR occured because a process is already open on that particular port i.e in this case it's 43210.

How you can fix it?

Solution 1:
Change the Port in bombsquad_server file and then execute ./bombsquad_server

Solution 2:
Kill all the tmux session by using pkill -f tmux and then execute ./bombsquad_server command.

In case you were not using tmux session for Bombsquad Server(which you should use probably) then you can just restart the SSH session by executing reboot command.

Note:- It may take 1-2 Mins to login again in SSH session after executing "reboot" command so don't worry about that.

In case you need any help you can Comment.

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