How to add Text on Punch in BombSquad Server?

Hey there,
In case your BombSquad Server is too simple and you want to add some modifications to it.

Here is one feature you can add to your BombSquad Server, it'll show cool texts when you hit other players with Punch and different texts for different Damage %

Simply download the from given link and replace it with your of your server - Download

You can also edit texts,color,size on punches as per your needs.
Check line No. 1163 of above file and change values

In case you got any problem you can ask me for help in comment section below.

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Thank You!


  1. Please can you make one which will work on android.

    1. Hey
      Check this out, this might help you to do it on android
      How To Do it On android?

  2. Hi , im newly hosting a server and tried to add stats page but it throws error, could you please help me out

  3. Hey I want to make a video how to put icons on my head like your server man!!


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