How to MODify or edit default script files in BombSquad on Android?

In case you want to use only Phone to create mods or do edits/modifications in BombSquad's default script files, like for BombSquad on PC files are present in scripts folder but not easily available in case of Android.

In that case here is the thing you can do to start editing and messing up with default files.

Step 1
Check the version of your BombSquad.
In this case it's 1.4.146

Step 2
Go to your BombSquad folder and create a folder with name sys like this:-

(Note:- In case you don't know how to enable BombSquad folder you can Check it Here and follow Step 1 of the Blog)

Step 3
In sys folder create another folder with name as version you got in Step 1 i.e 1.4.146 in this case.

Step 4
Paste script files in the folder.
You can get script files from your PC version or by downloading PC files/Server files from here.
I would suggest to download Windows PC files.
Download file named

Extract the .zip file and copy script folder contents from BombSquad_Windows_1.X.XXX/data/scripts

And paste it to the folder you created in  Step3 i.e 1.4.146

Now if you followed every steps correctly you'll see message Using custom scripts... as you open BombSquad

Now you can edit files from 1.4.146 or folder you created in Step 3 to make MODifications and create new things, you can try this MOD by replacing file by the file given in the BLOG

Note:- In case you messed something up and game is not opening and stuck on black screen it means you did error while editing scripts you might need to replace it with original or fix that file which you were editing and also you can turn everything back to normal by deleting sys folder you created Step 2.

Stay tuned.

Thank You!


  1. Noice soby sar gibe me all ur knowledge and i bill gibe u my nokia3310 mobile phon fol frei

  2. Hi , In smash game people are rejoining after geting knocked out how to stop it. Please give me that modified


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