How to report players #OSUM Server BombSquad

In case you want to report annoying players on the server because they are:-
  • Being pathetic and irritating and not allowing others to play
  • Kicking unnecessarily with their friends
  • Spamming scores alone to get in top in Rank List
  • Or any other good reason for banning (temporary or permanent)

Send me few of the details like:-
• Screenshot of their chats
• Their Name and ID(You can use my This Mod to store IDs and Name to report)
• Their accountID(if available) which you can find from the Rank List in url of Player's Rank Card(begins with #pb-) or just the url of the Player's Rank Card

You can send me the details on my Email address i.e- or You can Join Discord and contact me

Check This Mod, this will help in reporting players

Note:- In case you want to unban yourself, you can email me about that



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