"Something" BombSquad Mod |Part 1|(Store player's Data to report/BAN)

Updated on 12th Sep 2019
Fixed "button not working"

Hello there,
This mod contains few functions such as:-

  • ID revealer
  • Store Players Name and ID
  • "Kick" Chat Command
  • Extra "KICK" button to kick players directly
And I was not able to find any appropriate name for this mod so I named it SOMETHING.

Here is how to use it
Step 1
Enable mod folder in BombSquad
Go to Settings>Advanced>Show Mods Folder
It'll create BombSquad folder.

Step 2
Download Mod files

something.py - Download something.py
adminID.py - Download AdminID.py

And add it to your BombSquad folder.

Put both files "something.py and adminID.py" in BombSquad folder using any FileManager app

Step 3
Now restart BombSquad and if you done everything properly you'll see message like Something By SobyDamn on start screen.

Now join any server and when you click on any player's name you'll see something like this

If you click any of buttons "Vote to Kick" or "Kick"
A file ban.txt in the same BombSquad folder will be automatically created and Player's name and his ID will be saved in that file
It'll be helpful to ban or report player to admin of the server and also much useful in case player's ID contains different characters e.g:- ᗩđĨƘĨƝƓ or ƒබᒺčƠƝ

Now if you're admin of any server and your/that server have chat command you can use that "Kick" button to kick players directly from your server without typing anything.
Or if you do have your server and don't have chat commands check part 2


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