"Something" BombSquad Mod |Part 2|(Adding Chat Command to server)

Hey there,
Remember going through Part 1 of the Blog before proceeding further.

Now in case if you have your server without any chat commands you can use the same files i.e "something.py" and "adminID.py" with your server files without editing any default files to get "Kick" Chat Command work in your server.

Step 1
Download both files

Add both files in your script folder of the server's folder

Step 2
Open adminID.py file from your script folder and add your ID or the IDs you want to make admins who can use kick command.
For google play ID use '\xee\x80\xa0GoogleID'
For android or PC ID use
You can add more IDs by separating them with comma ,
e.g:- admin = ['\xee\x80\xa0SobyDamn','\xee\x80\xb0AndroidID','\xee\x80\xa0GoogleID2','\xee\x80\xb0AndroidID2']

If you followed every steps properly in Part 1 and in this blog it will work like this when admin clicks on "Kick" button and also will add his name and ID to ban.txt file in case you need it for future purpose

Note:- \xee\x80\xa0 and \xee\x80\xb0 are hex codes for Google Play logo  and Android/PC logo  respectively.

Check this video For more help!



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