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Add ChatFilter and ChatLogs in BombSquad Server!

Hello There,
In case you ever wanted to block some abusive words on your server  or even wanted ChatLogs to store Chats on your server for later use( or to look what people talk behind you), Here's something I have for you.

Follow the steps to install the mod on your server:-
Note:- You need to have Latest Server file 1.4.150 or above.
Update Server Files from here

Adding ChatFilter in BombSquad Server Step 1: Download - Click Here

Step 2: Extract the zip file using any application, it'll look like this

Step 3: You can config your ChatFilter using

blacklist :- are words which would be filtered(will not be shown in chat if used)

kickSpammer :- When set to "yes" will kick the player who used blacklisted words

blockChats :- in case you want peace on your server turned this to "yes" and it'll not allow anyone to talk in the chat.

credits :- hmmm....guess who made this?? It's me!

Step 4: Upload the files and

How to correct timezone in ubuntu server?

To update the Timezone in ubuntu server

Go to your terminal and check the current date and time by using command

If it's not correct
Set the correct time zone using the command

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

and then select the correct ime zone

check time again using command

You're Done!